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Thanos vs. Darkseid is the story of a clone who surpassed his original

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One change turned a longtime X-Men debate into Marvel’s greatest asset

Creators weigh in on Omega Mutants, power levels, and what really matters in comics

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Professor X vs. Magneto: Who’s the better sex ed teacher?

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Hulk and Thor’s Marvel rivalry may finally be put to rest

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Years of Superman fighting Batman warped a symbol of hope into a villain

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Daredevil fought a vacuum cleaner and learned a profound lesson

Marvel rewrites one of its greatest superhero triumphs into the Watcher’s biggest failure

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The saga of Marvel’s highly debatable power-level cards

A boom, a bubble, and ’90s kid nonsense

Our five-page look at The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country returns the series to its horror roots

The queen of DC’s Amazons is dead — long live the queen of DC’s Amazons

The best Batman comics based on what you personally want from Batman comics

The Riddler, Killmonger, and the trap of villains who are right

Han Solo’s new Marvel comic answers one of Star Wars’ great mysteries

What actually happened when Riddler discovered Batman’s secret identity

Batman’s money can’t save Gotham, please stop asking

This year’s best comic book villain is friend, betrayer, and alien flesh-tornado

The best thing about Catwoman in comics that will never work in the Batman movies

Daredevil writer Chip Zdarsky is the new writer of Batman

The highly anticipated silent fantasy Step by Bloody Step is a comic to behold

Batman keeps lollipops in his belt, but he has good reasons

The Peacemaker is finally known for something other than Watchmen

Amazon’s overhaul of Comixology ignites concern from comic creators and readers

DC and Marvel’s Justice League/Avengers crossover that could never be reprinted is being reprinted

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Award-winning designer Jeeyon Shim’s next project blends chess and role-playing

The ‘keepsake’ game will not be funded through Kickstarter

It’s Batman vs. an entire alien invasion in DC’s latest miniseries

Doctor Strange 2’s multiverse council sparks Illuminati theories and Tom Cruise dreams

Moon Knight shows Oscar Isaac losing his mind in new Super Bowl trailer

Doctor Strange is in the Multiverse of Madness in new Super Bowl trailer

ND Stevenson’s Star Wars fan comic is the best thing to come out of Book of Boba Fett

DC’s superheroes are getting new biographies designed to inspire kids

The X-Men have a hell now, and Sabretooth is the devil

Kickstarter pioneer Iron Circus Comics breaks from crowdfunder giant to mount first indie campaign

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