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What’s up with Margit?

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An examination of Elden Ring’s overpowered gatekeeper

Ol’ Margit. Dear sweet Maggie. Elden Ring’s premier gatekeep girlboss is giving people a hard time. I’m talking newbies, and Souls old heads. This crusty old goat is relentless and mean. Just a constant tornado of big sticks and magical blades. He’s the kind of boss who makes you wonder if you stumbled into the wrong area of the map altogether. So what’s the deal? Is Margit actually harder than FromSoftware’s other early game skill check bosses?

In the video up top, I tried to figure it out. I analyzed his attack patterns, branching combo strings, arena layout, and bizarre rhythms. And the short answer is “yes.” Margit is the hardest, weirdest, coolest beginner boss I’ve ever seen in a Souls-like.

This isn’t a guide to beating him — you can find that here — but maybe my hands-on research will help you understand what makes Margit special, and why he’s so good at putting your foolish ambitions to rest.

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