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Galaxy Brains

Galaxy Brains

Star Trek: First Contact is a meta movie about the creation of the Trek franchise

We asked Dan Aykroyd to explain the origins of Ghostbusters’ ghost lore

The Eternals is Marvel’s Superman movie

Suspiria was a perfect horror film not once but twice

Michael Myers is a stand-in for toxic something

David Lynch’s Dune bombed, but was actually foundational

Paul F. Tompkins helps us ask: Who should be the next James Bond?

What’s the deal with Seinfeld? It was all in Jerry’s mind.

The Lord of the Rings movies redefined ‘epic,’ but how long will the definition last?

Debating Y: The Last Man’s #girlboss world with The Bechdel Cast’s Jamie Loftus

Rethinking Shang-Chi’s problematic origins in the Marvel universe with Gene Luen Yang

Candyman is horror’s ultimate antihero

Kumail Nanjiani and the impossible-to-top satire of Idiocracy

Greg Miller on Free Guy and optimizing the video game film genre

Suicide Squad and hard-R movie food pairings

We played The Green Knight RPG and ... it might be even better than The Green Knight?

Sit down, Schwarzenegger, The Rock is the greatest action star of all time

We ask Adam Pally: Why did Space Jam 2 make us feel space sad?

Is Black Widow as close as we’ll ever get to a female James Bond?

Austin Powers is a beta male simp (and we love him for it)

Wait, is Dom an actual angel in F9?

Loki reinvents every Marvel movie for the better

The (real?) magic at the heart of the Lin-Manuel Mirandaverse

A Quiet Place Part II is really a movie about divorce, stepdads, and the ’burbs

Cruella can be Disney and punk as hell

As our technology advances, so do our horror movies

Josie and the Pussycats is cinema’s greatest takedown of capitalism

Patton Oswalt helps us imagine the future of Star Wars

AEW’s Excalibur helps us grapple with the fantasy fights of Mortal Kombat

Disney’s Mighty Ducks show is ... basically a satire of a Mighty Ducks reboot

Is Zack Snyder’s Superman the best onscreen Superman?

Godzilla is a metaphor for everything in 2021

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